View of ASV Art Room

The Big Draw

This past week marked a spectacular display of talent and creativity as our Middle School students enthusiastically participated in the annual arts event, “The Big Draw!” This unique event not only showcased the artistic prowess of our students but also provided them with a platform to collaborate and express themselves through music and art.

Each Middle School grade level immersed themselves in a day-long celebration of the arts, with half of the day dedicated to the creation of a music video and the other half to the development of an African-themed art installation. In the music segment of the event, students from each grade worked tirelessly to compose, practice and film a music video.The culmination will be the winter concert on December 17, 2023 where students will proudly showcase their music videos and art installations.

We invite parents, teachers, and fellow students to join us for an evening of artistic celebration and community spirit.

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