The ASV Sustainability Committee Held its First Meeting

American School of Valencia has embarked on a transition towards a more sustainable model from an energy and environmental point of view. The result of this transition has been, for example, the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals into the school curriculum and the installation of solar panels that supply us with almost half of our electricity consumption.

To go a step further in this initiative, a Sustainability Committee has been created to evaluate, plan and coordinate all the necessary actions to reduce our ecological footprint and help make it a more sustainable and responsible school. The committee is open to students, families, teachers, and staff members, but will be led by the student body through the action of the High School Student Council.

A constituent meeting was held this past Tuesday, January 31, 2023, at the school theater. Mr. Josep V. Frechina, our Assistant Director for Middle School and High School, presented the Goals of the ASV Sustainable Committee and the plan to be certified as an Eco-school. In these coming months, the committee will lead a Sustainability Audit Report and, with the results of this analysis and the input of all of the ASV community, will write an action plan.

Participants engaged in an enriching discussion about specific actions to become a more sustainable institution.

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