The ASV Roadmap for Reopening

As the ASV community prepares for a new academic year that will be as exceptional as the third trimester of 2019-2020, it is important that we stay grounded in who we are and what we value. The evolution of COVID-19 has taken many twists and turns, and there have been some unexpected outbreaks since the relaxation of the confinement measures in March to June 2020. Nevertheless, schools, like ASV, are preparing to carry out their mission and onsite instruction under strict safety, health, hygiene and prevention measures.

As ASV announced at the Parent Meeting on July 15, 2020, the ASV leadership team has been working diligently throughout this summer on a school reopening plan whose objectives are:

  • Safe return of all students, in all grade levels, to on-site learning
  • Implementation of protocols to minimize the risk of contagion and the development of contingency plans to address the safety, health and hygiene requirements in the event of anyone becoming infected with COVID-19
  • The adjustment of the ASV virtual learning plan if a negative evolution of the pandemic determines a new interruption of school activities (totally or partially)

When writing the Roadmap for Reopening, the ASV leadership team has considered the general regulations approved by the Generalitat Valenciana in July 2020, but has used the autonomy given to any private school to create a plan that addresses our specific needs. As just one example of the extraordinary measures ASV is taking, while the Generalitat requires that stable (or bubble) groups are established up to Grade 2 with a maximum of 20 students per class, ASV is implementing stable groups of a maximum of 20 students up to and including Grade 5 with the addition of a Teacher Assistant in these classrooms. This means that the school’s resources and efforts are being fully dedicated to ensure the safest possible learning environment throughout the entire 2020-2021 academic year.

The reopening plan includes new group arrangements in Preschool and Elementary, strict physical distancing and supervision requirements in Middle School and High School, comprehensive hygiene and prevention routines, additional human and material resources, etc. These collective measures require the understanding, cooperation, and collaboration of all ASV community members: students, parents and staff. A safe return to school is not the responsibility of a few, but of all of us.

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