Photo of ASV nurses

The ASV Infirmary Presents the School’s Diabetes Protocol in an International Conference

Our Infirmary Service has presented the ASV Diabetes Protocol in the International Symposium on Nursing and School Health. Our nurses, Ms. Inma Requena and Ms. Silvia Chamorro, were invited to offer on Friday, March 25, 2022, a multimedia presentation describing this internal procedure developed to care of students suffering from diabetes

“This protocol defines how the infirmary service, with the support of teachers and teaching assistants, monitors the child’s blood glucose level during the school day,” Ms. Inma Requena describes. “It is a highly valuable resource to organize our workflow and provide guidance and confidence to every educator involved,” Ms. Silvia Chamorro remarks. Details such as when and how glucose level is checked, which decisions are taken according to that, and how the family is continually informed about their child, are the main aspects defined in this innovative protocol.

The conference has been organized by the International Association of School Nurses and the Spanish Association for School Health and Nursing. The event involved over 100 healthcare professionals from diverse countries offering communications or joining debates. It is the first professional event to showcase the experiences and efforts on health in school environments.

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