Alpha Mission: Time to Wake The Blobs Up!

Presentation for Grade 9

The Grade 9 French classes have completed an important stage of their cross-curricular project Mission Alpha.  Last week they had to wake up the blobs!  Guided by the Grade 11 mentors, the three groups followed a presentation describing these creatures and practiced how to wake them up, this is, boost their development with water and nutrients […]

Grade 11 Science

Final Results of SWICEU Antibiotics Project TheGrade 11 Biology students culminated their search for new antibiotics within the Small World Initiative in collaboration with CEU-Cardenal Herrera this Thursday. They looked for evidence of antibiotic production in the cultures prepared by them last Monday, and obtained several promising samples showing antibiosis that were isolated for further study. “The students showed […]

Engaging Science Activities in High School

Several groups in High School recently enjoyed interesting science activities organized by the ASV Science Department. They are: The Group 4 Presentations Grade 11 Science groups had the final stage of the interdisciplinary activity known Group 4 Project: the presentation of their researchs. On Tuesday and Wednesday, at the Theater, each team offered a presentation […]

Group 4 Project Investigation Day

The students taking science courses in grade 11 had on January 18, 2019, the Investigation Day, a key stage of the collaborative assignment known as Group 4 Project which challenges them to develop scientific research upon a given topic. During the Investigation Day students do not have their regular schedule and use the whole day […]

Ready to Celebrate Hubble Telescope 25th Anniversary

The High School Science Department is planning a special day to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope on April 2015 as American School of Valencia is one of the eight venues selected in Spain to honor this fact. As of next week our school will host several educational activities introducing astronomy and the […]

First Lego League 2015. New event for the ASV Robotics Team

On Sunday, March 1, 2015 the ASV Robotics Team is participating in the local edition of the First Lego League competition. Coached by our IT Coordinator, Mr. Samuel Landete, five High School students will compete against other schools in this event focused on robot coding and scientific research. FLL teams must show their skills designing […]

Group 4 Project. Exploring the World of Science

During the second trimester the students in grade 11 are developing the activity Group 4 Project, a hands-on exercise in which they explore Science while they work to answer a question combining different scientific disciplines. Driven by the High School Science Department, students are encouraged to learn to work as professional researchers. According to Mr. […]