American School of Valencia is integrating into the Summer Program curriculum the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Students learn what the SDGs are and reflect on the global challenges identified in each one. Each class achieves this learning through activities adapted to their age.

One way to reinforce what students learned in the first two weeks was the Sustainable Development Goals Olympics held on Friday, July 15, 2023.  Elementary, Teens and the STEAM groups have participated in a gymkhana inspired by the SDG. The way the challenges were designed help students to identify global challenges such as zero hunger, promotion of peace and justice, clean water and sanitation, among many others.

“Students were very engaged in the games. They  demonstrated that by working together as a team they could solve problems and complete different challenges,” Ms. Jackie Paarhuis, SP Assistant Coordinator, points out.

A similar activity will be held again during the last week of classes.