A Unique Opportunity to Learn English

What makes the ASV Summer Program a successful English camp year after year? “ASV offers its own learning method, aligned with the ASV experience during the regular academic year: the program is focused on communication skills, students use English everyday, learning takes place having fun and our teachers actively give positive feedback,” Ms. Felicitas Berazay, Summer Program coordinator, describes. 

“The program has a remarkable loyalty rate: families come back year after year,” she adds. “We work hard to offer a consistent high-quality experience in English.” This language is also used during sports and other complementary activities and children learn in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

The enrollment process is open and a number of classes are already completed in Preschool and Elementary. On May 11, 2021, the school is organizing the last virtual orientation.

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Local Websites and Media Report on the ASV Summer Program

Every year, the ASV summer program is described by digital portals focused on families in Valencia. Beginning in March, Agenda de Isa, has been offering comprehensive information on summer activities including this specific section about the ASV activity. The website describes the ASV teaching methods, activities and services included and the safety and security measures planned for the 2021 edition.

Similar information has been available in April through Pata Pato, a digital portal on leisure and culture for families presented through an app for smartphones.

Regarding local newspapers, the ASV Summer Program was mentioned by Las Provincias in an annual supplement on schools and summer camps released on Sunday, April 24. The supplement offered an interview with Ms. Felicitas Berazay -Summer Program coordinator- and an additional page presenting the activity. 

Families who need more information about the ASV Summer Program may visit the official website and the specific sections for Preschool, Elementary School and the Teens Program. Remember that registration is completed fully online and early registrations (April 30) benefit from interesting discounts.

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May Orientation Meetings

American School of Valencia is organizing in May two more orientation meetings for families interested in the ASV Summer Program.  Join these events, meet the the ASV Summer Program leadership team and learn more about the way we are preparing the 2021 edition: available grade levels, teaching methods, staff qualification and the safety and security protocols against COVID-19.

Meeting 1: Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

Follow this link on your web browser or join by using the specific Google Meet app. Please, use a Google account and request access by clicking on the link “Ask to join”.

Meeting 2: Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

Follow this link on your web browser or join by using the specific Google Meet app. Please, use a Google account and request access by clicking on the link “Ask to join”.

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Do not miss the April deadline!

The Summer Program leadership team offered a second orientation meeting on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.  More than 30 families joined the virtual event on Google Meet and received detailed information on the way American School of Valencia is organizing this program: available grade levels, teaching methods, staff qualification and, a key component in 2021, the safety and security protocols against COVID-19.  A number of questions regarding this topic were discussed.

The enrollment process through the official Summer Program website is up and running and some groups in Preschool are nearly complete.  Remember that all of the registrations completed before April 30 benefit from important discounts.  Learn more on the specific section on program options and official fees).

Additional orientation meetings are planned on April 28 and May 4 and 11, 2021.

Upcoming orientation meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021
  • Time: 13:00 to 14:00
  • Meeting link (if you use a web browser): http://meet.google.com/ozs-ajxv-ytu
  • Meeting code (if you use the Android/iOS app): ozs-ajxv-ytu

Use a Google account and request access by clicking on the link “Ask to join” / “Solicitar unirse”).

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Robotics Camp

Go Tech with the ASV Summer Program

For all those students interested in technology, we offer the ASV learning experience through two specific summer camps on educational robotics and technology. Go tech and get to know the ASV Tech Camp and the ASV Tech Camp Junior:

ASV Tech Camp Junior

The ASV Tech Camp Junior is an introductory robotics program for children studying Grade 4 and 5. Students will develop a robotics project from a panel with challenges. In the robotics section, these tests will help understand how the different sensors and engines work and how to solve basic robotic challenges. 

The campus also includes 2D animation projects, stop-motion film making and video game programming. 

ASV Tech Camp

The ASV Tech Camp is addressed to students in Grade 6 or Secondary (ESO) education. 

Participants will develop a robotics project by completing a panel with challenges. Each step will give a strong comprehension of how the various sensors in the Lego Mindstorms and Ozobot platforms work. Students will also learn to use video game creation software and 3D modeling. 

Fun Immersion in English 

Both programs require an intermediate or advanced level of English to be able to follow the activities. Students will enjoy the same time of sports and swimming pool existing in the general program.

Thanks to their hands-on approach and the ASV immersion method, these programs are two exciting alternatives for taking English proficiency to the next level as students develop highly valued skills.

Lámina información Summer Program 2021

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Second Orientation Meeting

Families interested in the ASV Summer Program are invited to join the second online orientation meeting scheduled on Wednesday, April 21 (18:00 to 19:00), on Google Meet

The Summer Program leadership team will offer an overview of the activity and will describe how ASV is preparing the 2021 edition in areas such as groups and classes, learning methods by grade level, additional services, and the specific Tech Camp and Soccer Camp.  Participants will know more about the COVID-19 safety and security protocol designed by ASV, which has been successfully implemented and is contributing to have no major issues in the onsite activity.

Follow the virtual meeting by clicking on this link on your web browser or the specific Google Meet apps for iOS and Android. (Please, use a Google account and request access by clicking on the link “Ask to join” / “Solicitar unirse”).

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Lámina información Summer Program 2021

Improving the English Level through the ASV Experience

Would you like your child taking a big leap in the use of English? Meet the ASV Summer Program for secondary students and let him enjoy a different learning experience where communication skills, creativity and critical thinking are extensively developed. The ASV Summer Program is an English immersion program addressed to secondary students who want to improve their English level. In a similar way to the specific programs for Preschool and Elementary, the program is focused on the four core language learning areas: reading, writing, reading, oral communication and comprehension. It also puts  special emphasis on advanced vocabulary and grammar.

Students may register for two or four weeks. The program includes intensive English classes, activities and workshops, outdoor activities, sports and swimming time. Our native/bilingual teachers are trained in the ASV philosophy and use engaging learning materials created by the National Geographic Society. Classes are organized according to students’ age, level of English and affinity with classmates from previous editions or the regular school year.

Robotics and Soccer Camps

In addition to this, families may be interested in the ASV Tech Camp and the ASV Soccer Camp, two specific alternatives focused on robotics and soccer. Participants in the ASV Tech Camp will complete a robotics learning program structured in challenges and applied projects. The program also includes coding software and 3D modeling. The ASV Soccer Camp is a new soccer intensification program in English led by our coach Javier Estellés: the activity will combine practical training sessions on the field with theoretical classes and swimming sessions.

Lámina información Summer Program 2021

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Hello Summer! The ASV Experience for children in Preschool and Elementary

Imagine an English summer course where students are excited to be back day after day. That’s our Summer Program! The ASV experience in one month for children in Preschool and Elementary grade levels. The 2021 edition will take place as usual in July and the enrollment process is up and running.

The ASV Summer Program is an English immersion course for children where imagination, creativity and engagement in learning are actively promoted. The activity is aligned with the ASV teaching methods and is organized by age and language level. Communication skills have a key role in the learning plan. 

All groups are led by native and bilingual teachers trained in the ASV methodology. English classes and other activities are fully conducted in English while there are outdoor activities and sports every day and swimming pool on alternating days. 

The 2021 Summer Program will have the same COVID-19 safety measures that ASV is successfully following during the regular academic year and have ensured a safe year without interruptions.

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Aula de Preschool. Summer Program

Evolution of the Enrollment

One month after opening the enrollment process, the ASV Summer Program has covered 25 percent of the available places.  The Preschool grade levels are leading the registration figures in this first stage, and it is expected that there will be an increase in other divisions.

Like the ASV annual school program, Preschool includes students in Nursery (18 months old) to Kinder (5-6 years old).  Classes are organized according to the language level and other criteria such as studying in the same school or have been in the same class in prior editions of the Summer Program.

Interested families may find all of the information they need in the official website or download the promotional materials (brochure / details and fees). A new family orientation session will be conducted on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 18:00. Please use the following link to join:  https://meet.google.com/unq-gmng-nie;  please, log in with a Google account and request access by clicking on the “Ask to join” button.

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Thank you for coming to the first orientation meeting

Por qué elegir el ASV Summer Program

Yesterday, Wednesday, March 24, 2021, American School of Valencia held the first orientation meeting for families interested in the ASV Summer Program. The event took place on Google Meet as an online conference due to the current limitations derived from the COVID-19 protocols. Participants were able to receive the information they needed without coming to the ASV campus. 

During the meeting, the Summer Program leadership team presented the program, described the main features and how the 2021 edition is being prepared. A brief description of the COVID-19 security protocol -based on the current one successfully implemented during this academic year- was also offered. Interested families will find a summary of the presentation below.

The registration process is up and running at the official website www.summervalencia.com. Registrations completed no later than April 30 will benefit from a special fee which (see the “Fees 2021” section for further details and conditions).

More information on:

Summer Program Official Brochure

Summer Program: Fees and Conditions

Presentation for Families

New orientation after the Spring Break

A new orientation session will be held on Wednesday, April 21 at 18:00. Use the following link to join: https://meet.google.com/unq-gmng-nie;  please, log in with a Google account and request access by clicking on the “Ask to join” button. If you are using the Google Meet app for Android or iOS, find the meeting by entering this code or alias: unq-gmng-nie.

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