End of the 2022 Summer Program!

The ASV Summer Program finished today! As planned, this week the school hosted the Preschool Show (this past Tuesday), the Celebration of Learning (Elementary and Teens, on Wednesday) and the last day of classes. As you can see below, all classes had pecial activities, games and challenges, and water sports sessions.

We wish that all students have enjoyed this time of learning and fun. During these four weeks, we are sure that they have improved their English, have gained confidence to use this language in a school environment and have made new friends.

Thank you for choosing the ASV Summer Program for this period of your children’s vacations. Happy summer!

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ASV Tech Camp

Families whose kids love technology and robotics may choose an alternative pathway to the general ASV Summer Program: the ASV Tech Camp. Addressed to students in Grades 4-5, teachers follow a lesson plan focused on educational robotics, programming, and multimedia. Every day the students are creating:  it can be either a stop-motion short movie or a vehicle that will later fight in a “robotic sumo” combat. The day also includes time for sports and sessions in the pool and the classes enjoy with classmates of the same age the scheduled excursions.

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The ASV Teens Experience

The ASV Summer Program for Secondary Classes

Three of our summer classes are integrated into the Teens section, where the ASV Summer Program offers a experience tailored to the interests and needs of teenagers.  These groups usually have students who attended the Summer Program when they were in Elementary School  as well as news boys and girls aiming to increase their level of English as a second language..

The day combines English classes, time for games and sports and all the special activities and excursions. “In theEnglish lessons, we want the kids to strengthen their grammar and vocabulary but we also want them to gain confidence to use the language in a variety of contexts”, Mr. George describes. These objectives are achieved through small group work, vocabulary games and frequent invitation to communicate with each other.

Mr. Oran, teaching a mix of 6th and 7th graders, pays special attention to collaboration and teamwork. At the beginning of the month, he encouraged students to team up and design mobile apps: “Each project had to meet one condition: solve a problem or a need of disabled users”, this teacher says.

Mr. Mike’s class, has spent much of their time doing online research related to science topics and basic lab work.

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The “ASV Summer” in Preschool

The goal of the Preschool program is providing an active summer, focused on learning and full of fun for those children enrolled in the ASV Summer Progarm. Students have an engaging workbook that covers English comprehension, writing and mathematics.

On a daily basis, students work with the summer book during the first teaching periods. In the afternoon they have creative activities and arts and crafts. This week, Ms. Celia’s and Ms. Marta’s classes learned more about sea and sea animals. The afternoon activities were inspired by French culture and the city of Paris.

Ms. Ana’s, Ms. Alexandra’s and Ms. Nerea’s classes have been studying the lesson “Amazing Animals”, teaching the differences between farm animals and wild animals. The teachers have worked on the vowels and opposite concepts. The creative activities have been combined with the preparation of the special events planned for Thursday and Friday.

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Welcome to the 2022 ASV Summer Program!

American School of Valencia has opened the 2022 edition of the Summer Program. We are excited to welcome our students and we hope they feel as comfortable as our teachers and the staff are in this first day on campus.

First Activities

Activities in this first day aim to facilitate a pleasant and easy transition: today’s goal was to let students meet their teacher and classmates in a friendly environment, make them familiar with the facilities, and offer a first sight of the daily routine and the PBIS expectations taken from the school culture.

Kinder and Elementary classes had group games and special art and crafts. Books and other individual materials were also distributed. In PreKinder 1 and 2, students have time to explore and play.  In many classes, the schedule after the morning break included the swimming time and outdoor games in our athletic facilities.

“This has been a very positive day”, assistant coordinator Mr. Matías Benlloch says. “All of our teachers reported that in general, all of the students seem comfortable and happy. Those who participated in the 2021 edition asked about their former teachers but also are a reference for others who are new,” he describes.


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Final Arrangements

Registration for the 2022 edition approaches the end. At this time of the enrollment campaign, the ASV Summer Program has 19 groups including Nursery, PreKinder 1 to Kinder (Educación Infantil in the Spanish system), and Grades 1 through 10. There is an additional group of students taking the specific ASV Tech Camp.

This week, families of enrolled students are receiving the information needed to prepare for the first day of classes. The email will include the name of your child’s teacher, the weekly schedule, arrival and dismissal procedures (depending on the use of the ASV bus service or not) and the password needed to access the Student Handbook.

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Students working

The ASV Experience for Teens

Learning and fun go together at the ASV Summer Program! This summer activity combines a solid English immersion experience with other activities that ensure a fun and enriching holiday. The Teens program has a special focus on cooperation, participation and promotion of team spirit.

The ASV Summer Program is an English immersion program that offers the ASV experience in one month. Students are organized into groups determined by their age and previous language level. Teachers promote collaborative learning and students’ positive support.

The Teens program for ESO students is taught by following project-based learning, special focus on communication skills and the use of the language in varied contexts. The school provides engaging learnign materials published by National Geographic wich includes contents on World Cultures, biodiversity, research, and science and technology.

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Aula de Elementary

Elementary: Collaborative Learning and Positive Support

Summer activities continue in a fun context the experience of the student during the regular academic program. Families may find a variety of camps ranging from language learning to sports and arts. The most remarkable ones have in common quality instruction, a variety of complementary activities and great facilities.

The ASV Summer Program is an English immersion program that offers the ASV experience in one month. The teaching method is focused on communication and use of language in diverse contexts. Teachers promote collaborative learning and students’ positive support.

Classes are led by native and bilingual teachers trained in the ASV methodology. Every day students enjoy four periods of English classes, two additional periods of sports and creative activities (also driven in English), and swimming time.
Groups are organized according to the student’s age, language level and prior relation with other students.

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Banner orientación 27 abril

April 2022 Orientation Meeting

How was your Spring Break? At ASV, we have been pretty active answering questions about the ASV Summer Program and enrolling students who want to enjoy this experience. The school will host the second onsite orientation meeting on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, at 18:00.  Interested families may come and learn more about the key aspects of our successful program. There is also a guided tour across the school facilities led by the SP coordinator, Ms. Felicitas Berazay.

The ASV Summer Program is an English immersion program aligned with the ASV teaching philosophy on language acquisition: special focus on communication skills and use of language in diverse context while students engage in collaborative activities and project-based learning. 

This program is addressed to students ages 2-16. Classes are organized by age and prior language level and students enjoy a variety of creative activities, outdoor games, and swimming time.  The enrollment fee covers all of the learning materials, lunch and excursions. 

 All of the registrations completed by April 30 have an interesting discount. Do not miss this chance.

Information and enrollment:

96 140 54 12 | www.summervalencia.com

Orientation meetings
    • Wednesday, April 27, 2022 (on campus at 18:00)
    • Wednesday, May 11, 2022 (virtual at 14:00)
    • Wednesday, May 25, 2022 (on campus at 18:00).
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The ASV Summer Program in Preschool

The ASV Summer Program is an English immersion program aligned with the ASV teaching philosophy. That is why the experience in Preschool grade levels is an excellent activity to ensure your child has an active, learning-focused, and fun summer.

Preschool classes are organized according to age and language level. Consequently, English native speakers or students already following bilingual education are placed in the most suitable group for them. Students use an enjoyable workbook designed by ASV which covers comprehension, writing and math. Combined with all of the other learning activities in class, the ASV Summer Program engages students in collaborative and active learning during the summertime.

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