Students enjoy two different field trips during their time at ASV.  During the second week, Elementary classes traveled to Segorbe to spend the day at Segóbriga Park. Students were delighted with the pool with slides and waterfalls.

Preschool groups had an enjoyable day at Mas del Capellà, a School Farm. The activity was divided into three experiences or moments:

  • Meeting the animals: children could see geese, ducks, peacocks, water turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, cows, donkeys, horses and goats. They also were invited to feed the goats as well as Pirata (the cow), Chocolate and Vanilla (the donkeys), and Jack (the horse).
  • A ride around the farm: everybody had a lot of fun in this carriage ride,
  • Lunch break followed by several workshops: Each group had the most suitable activity to their age: cookies, recycling, and basics on herbs.

“Kids really enjoyed this day and were able to apply what they learned in class, since this visit is aligned with the Summer Program handbook,” Ms. Scarlett Casas, our coordinator said.