Advanced English Learners
Immersive language learning program for native English speakers or children who attend an International English immersion school APPLY NOW

The Advanced English Learners Program is the choice for native English Speakers or children who attend an International English Language School. From 6 year olds

Children who are native English speakers or are enrolled in an International School with English as an instructional language, participate in a specific program which follows the Reading and Writing Project (TCRWP) designed by the Teacher’s College of Columbia University.

These language workshops are complemented by science and art projects which will focus on exploration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Both Science and Art workshops are based on American Curricular Standards (Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and National Core Art Standards (NCAS)

The program is complemented by a sports program where students participate in a variety of team and individual sport activities, including a daily opportunity to use the ASV pool. There will also be two all day trips.


Comprehension and Communication Skills

Comprehension and communication skills are developed both within the Language classroom as well as through the supplementary activities and projects students will participate in the areas of Science and Art.

Through experiments students will discover the answer to different natural phenomena. In the Art workshop they will learn to understand and communicate using a visual language.

Active and Collaborative Learning

The curriculum organization encourages student participation through the creation of their own work.  The Reading and Writing Workshop will require students to reflect on their knowledge about the UN Sustainable Development Goals through comic strips or short stories. In Science they will draw hypotheses about the results of different experiments. Using various materials and media, students will actively explore their creativity. Collaborative group work will focus through the three areas as well as on the sports field.

Program based on ASV’s experience

Both the Reading and Writing Project and the Next Generation Science Standards workshops are inspired by the teaching and learning approach of the American School of Valencia’s regular academic program.


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