Reimbursement Policies

As it was officially announced on March 1, the enrollment process for the ASV Summer Program is up and running.  Details on the activities for students in Preschool, Elementary, and Grades 7 to 10 are described on the linked sections.  This other web page shows where the online registration form is available.  Families registering before April 30 can get important benefits such as a discount on the first, second and third sibling enrolled.

Given the current circumstances related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we understand there may be uncertainty about the continuity of the  Summer Program 2020 and possible refunds of the registration fee in the event of its cancellation. The intention of the school is to maintain the Summer Program activity at its scheduled dates in July 2020.  Therefore, we would like to inform all families that as an exceptional measure, there will be a full refund of any payments made for Summer Program enrollment in the event the school is forced to cancel the program by May 31, 2020.

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