The ASV Difference: Learning in Preschool

Preschool is where life-long learning begins; children’s abilities grow and the ASV method keeps in mind these circumstances to develop a flexible curriculum for these ages.

Families will notice that the first ASV Difference are the three Preschool workbooks created by our educators. Each book has a similar structure (with units about the child, family and other relatives, nature and the world around us) and includes a wide range of age-appropriate activities supporting literacy, phonics and math. Additionally ASV offers a better approach to individual differences by supporting each teacher wiht one teaching assistant and a number of student volunteers.

Regarding the use of language, the ASV method is focused on oral communication and language use in different contexts. The use of English is encouraged all-day long, and the variety of special events introduce multiple perspectives and situations.

As you may have read in the family handbook, Preschool groups have classroom work earlier in the morning, continue with swimming and sports time and have lunch at 11:45. Nursery and PreKinder 1 have nap time and finally, before enjoying the afternoon snack, all classes go over a rotation of centers and art workshops.

Health and Fun Day

PreKinder 1, PreKinder 2 and Kinder participated today in the Health and Fun Party. This event was a rotation of games and workshops highlighting the benefits of healthy eating and active life-style. Children had a chance to make some fruit products to eat at home.

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