Third Week: How is Learning in Preschool

At ASV we believe that Preschool is where life-long learning begins. Inspired by the school regular curriculum, the ASV Summer Program aims to offer an enriching and meaningful experience by providing opportunities that invite investigation, exploration and discovery. The program is taught by an outstanding group of native and bilingual teachers trained in our methodology.

The summer immersion program uses a workbook designed at ASV for each Preschool grade level. They have four units designed to develop basic reading skills, and learn vocabulary about the school, the world, actions and feelings. Children in Kinder also work to enhance their personal and social skills by talking about differences and similarities, sharing, and respect.

These three weeks in Kinder A and B have been very positive, Ms. Mara and Ms. Celia commented. Children felt comfortable really soon and are excited about learning. Daily routines have a good balance of class work, outdoor activities and recess.

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