Summer Art Competition

Middle School students were invited to do a cool art competition during the summer holidays: “They had to design their own shoes influenced by an artist as an optional summer activity,” our Art teacher Ms. Christina Georgiou says. The number of submissions was important, but Ms. Georgiou remarks on the high level of creativity shown.

So, let’s congratulate the students who created the three best works:

  • First prize: Noa S. (currently in 8.1.)
  • Second prize: Ximena G (currently in 7.1)
  • Third prize: Ines A. (currently in 9.1)

But also to the students receiving a special mention from the Art Department, Lola S. (currently in 8.2) and Marcela P (currently in 7.2).

Noa S., pictured below, says that she was inspired by Van Gogh, Matisse, and Picasso to create the diverse motifs on these shoes. Congratulations!

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