Successful Start of the ASV Extracurricular Program

ASV+, the ASV extracurricular program is already in full swing. Starting October groups were defined and now the athletic teams are having the first games of the 2017-2018 season. More than half of the student population is enrolled and the program is deeply rooted in Preschool and Elementary School.

“We are very excited about the start,” ASV+ coordinator Escarlata Casas said. “Many activities have more students while others keep similar numbers and benefit from returning students, who bring what they learned last year.” The ASV extracurricular program was redefined in 2014 and the current offer includes four athletic activities (soccer, basketball, field hockey and volleyball), dance, technology, languages and journalism. All of them take place within the school day, “which reduces the impact over study and rest time at home,” and are driven in English, the main instructional language at the school curriculum.

Another value in athletics is having multiple opportunities to practice and compete. “The Field hockey team for grades 3-6 and the boys varsity basketball team are registered in the Fundación Deportiva Municipal leagues,” Ms. Casas highlighted. “Other teams will have games against clubs based in Puçol, Massamagrell and Sagunto as well as El Planter DV7 and Cracks soccer schools.” Non-athletics activities (ballet, technology and languages) can perform at several school community activities and prepare open days for families. As it happens in many schools in United States, the journalism team is in charge of the popular yearbook.

Available activities may change depending on the grade level but “we build a school-wide relation sharing trainings or enjoying together special events” Ms. Casas remarked. “We also work to have more girls doing sport. In fact the number has been growing since the very first year and most new students did not practice before at ASV.”

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