Students, Teachers and Monitors Performed a Bus Evacuation Drill

American School of Valencia performed on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 a bus evacuation drill open to students, teachers and the entire team of bus monitors. This project was presented to our community during the last two meetings of the ASV Parents Association and it has been conceived as an improvement of the transportation service by increasing awareness and preparation of monitors and users.

The activity took place on Tuesday, from 9:30 to 10:45. It started with a training session focused on potential emergencies guided by two security experts coming from Capaz, one of our transportation partners. Students were really engaged, asking interesting questions about the type of events buses could find on its way to the school. Later on participants went to the school parking lot where they performed the evacuation of two buses simulating different situations (a vehicle breakdown and obstacles on the road). They learned how the group must evacuate the vehicle and the responsibility of each member.

This is the first time American School of Valencia organizes this type of drill. In February, 2014 it will be repeated with other bus routes. An emergency manual will be sent to all the ASV families in December 2014.

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