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Staff Service Awards

The American School of Valencia values the service, contributions, dedication and commitment of its faculty and staff to the school community. In appreciation of this service, the school recognized the employment service milestones of a number faculty and staff through the ASV Service Awards Program on June 29, 2023.

The following faculty and staff received an ASV Service Award as follows:

  • 5 years: Mr. Samuel Bremen, Ms. Irma García
  • 10 years: Ms. Librada López, Mr. Mike Melin, Mr. Carlos Minuesa, Mr. Andy Ojelade, Ms. Soraya Vitorino
  • 15 years: Ms. Lucía Gómez, Mr. Eran Levin, Ms. Margot Masina, Ms. Olga Volohova, Ms. Ester Viguer
  • 25 years: Mr. Marc Boyer, Ms. Verónica Cinosi, Ms. Inma Requena,
  • 30 years: Mr. Josep Vicent Frechina, Mr. Robert MacLarty
  • 35 years: Ms. Elena Martí
  • 40 years: Ms. Elizabeth Paryag

Ms. Elizabeth Paryag, an Elementary School Assistant, received a special mention for her 40 years of service to the ASV community. Ms. Paryag began her service at ASV in September 1983 when ASV was relatively new, and she is the second faculty-staff member after Ms. Chelo Roig (a founding ASV teacher who retired in 2020) who has served ASV for 40 years. Thank you and congratulations Ms. Paryag!

“ASV is blessed with a world-class faculty and staff who serve our school community with selflessness and distinction.”, stated Mr. Michael L. Smith, our ASV Director. “Cumulatively, our faculty staff have served ASV for 1,301 years, and we are committed to supporting and honoring our faculty and staff through these service awards.” added Mr. Smith.

Congratulations to all of these dedicated faculty and staff members awarded this year.

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