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Special Activities in the German Language Courses

Students recording interview

Grade 10: Field Trip to Valencia

Students in Grade 10 learning German had a field trip to Valencia to meet a group of ex-pats living and working in this city. Their teacher, Ms. Ida Farkas, prepared this activity to facilitate language interactions with a wider range of German speakers.

The group included varied ages and professional profiles. Students received a basic profile of each participant and prepared an interview for each of them. The goal was to have meaningful and specific-topic conversations.

“The students were very engaged, respectful and super well behaved,” Ms. Ida Farkas said. “They also showed a remarkable level of comprehension and fluency.”

Students showing letters

Grade 8. Pen Pal Letters

The Grade 8 German class has started a Pen Pal project with their peers in Europa Schule Gymnasium, a multilingual school in Gommern (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany). “Last week we received the first letters from students who are learning Spanish and English,” Ms. Bozena Schmidt says.

The Europa Schule is situated in a rural place in the northeast of Germany, close to the city of Magdeburg and two hours from Berlin. “Our students got a first impression of the place by seeing pictures of Magdeburg and a short video about school life at their partner school,” Ms. Schmidt describes. “The goal of this project is exchanging information about everyday life and school life using the language skills, and having a bilingual exchange in German and Spanish,” she points out.

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