Sint Maria Geel Students

Second Week for the Erasmus+ Students

The group of Erasmus+ students completed the second week of their internship experience at ASV.  On Saturday, May 7, 2022, the school organized a field trip to Peñíscola. The activity was a chance to visit a well-known historic destination in Castellón and engage outside the school setting with the ASV staff.  “It was really beautiful there. The setting was nice, the sun was shining and there were lots of fun little souvenirs you could buy. The castle itself was spectacular, I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I would definitely visit it again if I have the chance,” Carl-Jan Rommens describes.

During this week, Sint Maria Geel students have continued the cooperation in teaching and non-teaching activities.  Those collaborating in Grade 3 enjoyed with our students a trip to the Science Museum.  In the Communications area, Thursday and Friday there was a lot to do covering two major athletic tournaments organized by the Athletic Department.

Friday was the last day for five of the Erasmus+ Students. Their experience at ASV over the last two weeks has been invaluable, and through their collaboration with ASV teachers and staff members, they now know some of the ins and outs of what it means to work at a school. 

We would like to thank these students for their professionalism and work ethic. These inspirational students contributed to a school community with high expectations for everyone, and they worked towards them with grace and inter

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