Students running

Running Challenge Against Hunger

On Wednesday, June 16, 2021, students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 showed solidarity and support on the final day of the  ‘Action Against Hunger’ campaign launched in May 2021 within the ASV community. Students and a few teachers ran collectively 435 kilometers around the school and celebrated their individual accomplishments with cold water, fruits, and Mr. Freezy pops.

While this event took place physically on campus, the virtual challenge through the Strava Club finished with 1925 km achieved by 41 members of the school community.  Top contributors walking/running or riding are featured in the table below.

Students, parents, and teachers had an opportunity to contribute with donations for Action against Hunger based on the kilometers they ran at school or outside. “We are so proud to have passed our previous donation from 2 years ago,” Mr. Marc Boyer (Community Activities Coordinator) says. “This compassion for both the people in the Philippines, as well as for sport and healthy lifestyles, is truly a sign of our ASV values,” he adds.

Thank you to all those who participated. To learn more about the campaign please visit Action Against Hunger.

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