Recent Soccer Events for the School Teams

Girls Varsity Team

On May 28, the girls enrolled in the ASV+ Soccer activity played a friendly match against Fútbol Club Femenino Rafelbunyol. The activity was one of the several games that coach Ojelade is organizing to conclude the 2018-2019 season. ASV won 4 – 1 and Mr. Ojelade remarked the “great play” and “the attitude of ASV girls who were from Grade 5 to Grade 10!”

During the weekend the ASV Middle School and Varsity soccer teams participated in two soccer events, one held at the ASV athletic facilities and the second one at Cracks’ facilities in Paterna. For this last event our students teamed up with players coming from several international schools in Valencia and from Marítim Club de Fútbol Femenino: “It was great to see girls from different schools who usually compete against each other, have the chance to collaborate, build friendships and play together,” Mr. Ojelade declared.

ASV+ Teams

On Sunday, June 2, 2019, the ASV+ Soccer teams from Grade 1 to Grade 5 participated in the School’s tournament that El Planter organises every year. ASV couldn’t be prouder of our student-athletes!!!

It was a hard tournament of many short matches with high temperatures and our student-athletes put up a battle to each team, demonstrating our ASV values at every moment, respecting the rivals, coaches  and teammates.

Our three teams got three trophies in each of the different categories. The 1-2 grade team was 3rd (Prebenjamines category), the 3-4 grades (in benjamines category) was 4th and our Grade 5 team was the winner (Alevines category).

Coaches said:

It was an incredible morning for everyone. Players, coaches and parents had great enthusiasm for this tournament and I think that it was a great experience both in the athletic and personal sense. Mr. Rubén Bisquert

It has been a very good experience for children in every way. We have been able to reinforce our team spirit by playing against several teams with a similar soccer level to ours. Beyond the results, the children enjoyed a morning of fun soccer with their classmates and put into practice everything they had trained during the year.  Mr. Javier Estellés

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