Ready for a New School Year? Sure!

COVID-19 continues to offer a multitude of challenges for schools.  The beginning of a new school year means increasing mobility and social interactions but schools have learned a lot about effective mitigation strategies and American School of Valencia feels ready for a safe and uninterrupted academic year.

During the summer holidays, ASV reviewed and upgraded its COVID-19 health and safety measures. The school will continue with the model of stable groups in Preschool and Elementary and will follow the rule of 1.5 meters of safe distancing in Middle School and High School. Routines such as the use of masks, hand washing and ventilation of all the spaces will be other key strategies.

“Keeping the school environment safe is a mission shared by educators and families,” ASV Director Michael L. Smith remarks. “Among the diverse measures included in the protocols, the use of mask is a simple and effective ayer of protection. It is not a surprise that authorities have insisted on it. Continuing this practice makes good, common sense and will help us to guarantee on site learning as much as possible,” Mr. Smith describes.

Hygiene routines will be maintained in all grade levels, at the beginning and end of the day and before each transition. The extended lunch hours will increase the capacity to offering different shifts  for those classes organized as bubble groups. Finally, ASV has enhanced the departure procedure for Preschool and Elementary students by implementing separated dismissal zones and customized QR codes for parents or family members. 

“Despite all of the uncertainty, our faculty and staff are excited to see our students back,” Mr. Smith says. “We want to see them learn, grow and mature into respectful, caring and contributing global citizens. We know they will gain so much from being around their peers and educators and we believe that we can do this successfully,” he asseverates. 


Did you know?

American School of Valencia will reach in 2021-2022 the largest student enrollment in its 41-years history: 900 students. The demand to enroll across all grades levels has been tremendous, and the school has three lines or cohorts in Preschool, in Grades 1 to 3, and throughout all High School, with the consequent reduction of ratios per classroom. In grade 11, the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma has become the preferred pathway.

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