Reading Week 2016. Five Days “Captured” by Books

Reading Week, which took place at ASV from April 18-22, was an opportunity for the school to engage students in different ways outside of the classroom.  “We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about the activity and game centers set up in the Atrium,” Alex Caamaño, the ASV Librarian, commented.   Alongside this area was a 3 day Book Fair brought to the school by Leolo, an international bookshop in Valencia.  “It was great to see a whole week centered around reading,” co-owner Max said.  “We could see that ASV has a multicultural community.  It’s a wonderful thing for a city like Valencia to have inputs from other places, like we usually experience in our bookshop,” he added.

Enjoy with a story, or even learn to tell one

Thursday and Friday was time for storytelling.  Ree Gillet, author and illustrator, visited Preschool to perform a short story with her puppet Freddy Frog.  She also met the students in 1st and 2nd grade.  It was a great success, and for those that didn’t have the chance to purchase some of her books and CD, you can still buy them during next week in the Library.

Also on Thursday, 4th to 6th grade took part in a storytelling workshop led by Katie Salinger throughout acting and spontaneous performances.  8th grade attended a talk on cross-media narratives offered by the screenwriter Andrés Carrión.  Mr. Carrión used many examples from film and TV series to illustrate his points and kept the students very engaged.

Daily Break to Read and Flower Sale

In addition to these mentioned events, ASV celebrated World Book Day on Thursday, April 21.  The ASV community supported the flower sale and five hundred roses and carnations were purchased as gift for other community members.

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