Children playing with the soil

Preschool Sensory Garden

Students in PreKinder 1 are getting hands-on learning in a flourishing school garden program led by Ms. Ester Viguer (PK1 Assistant) and supported by an enthusiastic group of parent volunteers. The activity enriches what students learn and sparks their curiosity on topics such as plants, vegetables and seasons: “Kids really enjoy the activities. For them it is like magic to see that after having planted a seed, the plant sprouts,” Ms. Viguer says.

The most recent tasks included “planting peppers, sunflowers and pumpkins” and “mix soil and compost to fill in the boxes,” she describes.  A lovely moment was when they found a worm. This little event offered an opportunity to describe the role of those animals in nature. In class, children have completed other projects such as growing grass within a customized plastic cup.

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