Preparation of VALMUN 2021 Begins

The ASV Delegation has initiated the preparation of the 2021 VALMUN conference! On Thursday, October 7, 2021, students interested in the role of conference delegates attended an introductory meeting led by the team of chairs and deputy chairs. Participants received information on the agenda for 2021 and initial instructions for their research as well as suggestions to come up with valuable contributions for a successful conference.

VALMUN is ASV’s annual Model United Nations (MUN) simulation. Like other MUN activities, the goal is modeling the work of United Nations committees and debate on international issues in areas such as human rights, disarmament, and the environment. Debate procedures build stronger communication and negotiation skills in English while the topics discussed invite students to develop a global mindset. Due to the new academic calendar divided into two semesters, VALMUN 2021 will take place on December 17, 18, and 19.

Great News on THIMUN 2022

Three ASV students have been selected to participate as chairs at THIMUN 2022! Our school will participate in this renowned Model United Nations Conference with a team of delegates and three chairs (students whose role is not representing a country but organizing the discussions in the committees).

The selected students are Gaia L. (Grade 12) and Danila K. and Marc V. (both in Grade 11). “This is the largest number of chairs in the history of ASV,” Ms. KyleAnne Kiraly (ASV MUN co-coordinator) says, “it is an amazing honor.”

Organized by the THIMUN Foundation in The Hague (The Netherlands), THIMUN is the most prestigious Model United Nations conference in the world due to its size (+2,000 participants), duration (five days), and level of the debates. The 2022 edition will take place in January, once again through a virtual conferencing platform due to the COVID pandemic.

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