Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports in Elementary School

As part of our school focus area to promote, teach, and recognize positive student behaviors this year, we will begin implementing the ASV Ticket system next week in grades 1-6. When students are “caught” demonstrating a respectful, prepared, engaged, or responsible behavior, a staff member may present them with an ASV Ticket. These tickets are placed in a drawing each week. If a student’s name is selected, they will earn an incentive.

Every time they have their name drawn over the course of the year, the incentive increases. So, earning more tickets increases the chances of earning this additional recognition. Incentives include items like pencils, to ASV Bracelets, dog tags, invitations to the Table of Excellence at lunch and a soon to be designed ASV tee-Shirt.

The important part however, is that students are recognized and encouraged to practice these critical behaviors. Learning and internalizing these will promote strong social and emotional growth and directly benefit academic progress over time. We will provide updates to parents and students on this new initiative over the course of the year.

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