PK1 and PK2 Learning Showcases

PreKinder 1 and PreKinder 2 had their Winter Learning Showcases this past week. See what families enjoyed when they visited these classes on April 26 and 28.

PreKinder 2

PK2 is completing now the new unit on Simple Machines. Through learning about Simple Machines, teachers and students will explore new vocabulary and scientific processes that are important and essential to learning and understanding the world around us.

As an introduction to this unit, parents were invited into classes on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, to attend the PK2 Winter Learning Showcase, and get a peek at how we will explore Simple Machines in the PK2 classroom. Parents participated in several activities and students enjoyed learning with them!

PreKinder 1

The PK1 Winter Showcase held on Friday, April 28, 2023, was a wonderful experience where the children shared the process of planting in our sensory garden through photos. Parents helped the children plant a seed to take home. Everyone enjoyed visiting the garden to see how the plants are thriving.

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