Pilot Project to Implement Augmented Reality

Grade 1 has completed a pilot experience to use Augmented Reality (AR) in the classroom.  As part of the current Math unit on two dimensional and three dimensional shapes these classes are studying this month, students had an opportunity to interact with paper creations converted into digital objects.

Colorful shapes such as triangles, squares, and rectangles, come to life by scanning them with Adobe Aero “Adobe Aero allows students to apply their creativity, skills and knowledge by  virtually augmenting the real world. In this first pilot activity we were able to confirm that students as young as first graders are excited about this technology and also perfectly capable of handling it. There is a lot of exciting potential to build on.”, ASV Innovation and Technology Coordinator, Mr. Camilo Montenegro, describes.

Students in Grade 1 White described their personally created 2D shapes by their different attributes. “They enjoyed seeing their shapes come to life!,” Ms. Catherine Watkins says.  In Grade 1 Blue, “children were able to identify the number of sides, vertices, and types of lines for each shape, while experiencing the heightened sense of sight that comes with using AR technology,” commented the homeroom teacher, Ms. Rosemarie Lima.

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