Parent Workshop on Hiperparenting

Journalist Eva Millet visited ASV this week and led a parent workshop and had a series of meetings with faculty, parent delegates, and the leadership team. Ms. Millet,  who usually reports on education and families for La Vanguardia and Magazine, presented on her most recent book:  Hyperparenting. This work describes a situation in which families tend to excessively place children in the center of their lives.

During her talk, Millet pointed out some factors such as the increase of families having one child or the perception that school life and professional careers are highly demanding. A consequence is that some parents tend to overprotect their children and this excessive attention is reducing on children’s important experiences such as with acquiring autonomy, getting achievement through by their own efforts, or having sufficient time to play.


The meeting with the ASV Faculty had an interesting exchange of experiences and points of view. The activity is part of a family-oriented permanent forum, covering areas of the school curriculum but also general topics on parenthood, children and technology, and university, provided both by ASV staff members and invited speakers.

(Update on April 3, 2017: The parent workshop is now available soon on the ASV Youtube channel.)

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