Outstanding Work in Grades 2, 8, and 12

Most students in all grade levels are showing a high level of reflection, creativity, and engagement with the assignments received during the virtual learning period. Here are some outstanding examples recently collected in Grade 2, Grade 8, and the Grade 12 IB class:

Grade 2 Works Creative Thinking

The teachers in Grade 2 usually prepare a weekly activity aimed to foster creative thinking. They called it “Think Outside the Box” and invited children to use a given shape and draw something out of it in a nonconventional way.

The activity has not stopped during the virtual learning period and Ms. Soraya and Ms. Sofia are delighted with all of the works done by their pupils. They have had very positive feedback from Grade 2 families and some parents have noticed that children are tackling other school activities in a different way thanks to this.

Grade 8 Visual Essays

Over the past three weeks Grade 8 students worked diligently on their end of unit projects for the Effects of War Unit of Study. This project was a way for students to demonstrate their understanding of their book club novels by using technology in innovative ways. Students chose to create screencasts, YouTube videos/channels, TikTok, TedTalks, and stop-motion videos.

Scene Reenactments in the IB English Course

Even though this year’s IB end of year exams were cancelled, Grade 12 IB students kept working. In English class they were able to be more creative with how they demonstrated their understanding of the play A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, a Norwegian play written in 1879. Students had to think of a significant scene to reenact. Upon doing so, they were encouraged to use props, special attire/costumes/makeup, background music, and/or special effects to make the scenes more realistic and creative.

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