Outstanding PCE and IB Results

ASV Graduates who took the Spanish  EBAU-PCE exams have received their results and ASV cannot be more proud of their extraordinary performance: the final result for the ASV Class of 2020 has been 8.69 out of 10! This is the highest PCE (formerly Selectividad) result in the school’s long and illustrious history.  The Spanish PCE exams are required to enter into a university in Spain after completing the Spanish Baccalaureate. Please, join us in congratulating our graduates!

By earning this outstanding result in 2020, this is the fourth consecutive year that ASV students have scored an 8.20 or higher.  Furthermore, the six best results of our school in the PCE exams (or the former Selectividad) have taken place from 2013 to 2020.

As it was mentioned in the recent Parent Meeting on July 15, all of the students following the PCE track at ASV passed their final exams and were presented for the PCE exams on July 6-8, 2020. Now that they have their results, we are equally proud that 10 students earned individual results of a 13 or higher out of 14 points in all subjects. These final PCE results will provide our graduates with the top positions in the admissions process to Spanish universities.

Prior this month, ASV got to know the final results of the students taking the International Baccalaureate.  The High School team is happy to announce that 28 students passed and earned the IB Diploma (90% of the total enrolled) and the average GPA for the group has been 30.6 (8.10 in a 0-10 scale).

Update on September 2, 2020: The revision made by the IBO has determined that 24 ASV earned an improvement in their IB results. Read the news story here.

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