New ASV Staff

ASV is very excited to welcome new staff members to our school community who have a variety of professional and international education experiences.  Please take the opportunity to welcome the following staff members to ASV:

  • Mr Samuel Bremen (Prekinder 2 White)
  • Ms. Michaela Avila (Kinder Blue)
  • Ms. Martha Bryce (Grade 2 Blue)
  • Ms. Emily Hough (Grade 5 White)
  • Ms. Rosa Carbajal (Middle School. Math)
  • Ms. Megan Murray (Middle School. Language Arts)
  • Ms. Bianca Zachary (High School. English)
  • Dr. Irma García (High School. Biology)
  • Ms. Bozena Schmidt (High School. German)

During the week of  August 27 to 31, 2018, these new staff members had an opportunity to become familiar with the ASV curriculum and procedures. From September 3 to 5, they collaborated in the traditional Staff Work Week with their colleagues.

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