Music Assembly 3rd Grade

The class of 3th Grade performed an special assembly  on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, to show what they learned throughout this year with their Music teacher, Ms. Ester Munteanu. “As part of this course, students have been working on various music concepts such as exploring and classifying the different sounds of a variety of percussion instruments, creating a rhythmic percussion piece with the instrument of their choice as part of a group”, Ms. Ester describes. “We also spend some sessions listening to and moving to 4/4 and 3/4 rhythms and dancing the basic steps of the waltz, listening to and learning about some famous classical music and composers and connecting to their own personal music experience outside school.”

During the assembly, students participated in performing 2 or 3 for example group percussion piece, dance the Waltz, play an instrument learnt outside school, talk about a classical composer. “For the purpose of the activity each student selected their preferred performance piece or pieces and then they revised, refined, practiced and performed their work either individually, in pairs or in a team”, Ms. Ester added. “As a class we also had a reflective discussion about the process of creation, the performance and also about their choices, feelings and musical preferences”.

Their schoolmates in 1st and 2nd Grade, as well as other teachers, had a great pleasure following the performance.

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