MSA Planning Workshop


As part of its Middle States Association (MSA) re-accreditation, the American School of Valencia will work this academic year on an exhaustive, comprehensive and reflective Self-Study that will be submitted to the Middle States Association by June 2019.  As a registered centro extranjero (international school) with the Spanish Ministry of Education, ASV’s accreditation with MSA is essential for the school to operate in Spain.

The Self-Study will be planned and written by the MSA Planning Team, which is comprised of a broad spectrum of school stakeholders: ASV staff, Board of Governors, and parents, as well as students for some areas of the Self-Study.

The MSA Planning Team began its work together on Saturday, September 22, 2018 with a full-day MSA accreditation workshop for ASV staff members on the MSA Planning Team that was offered by Ms. Jackie Paarhuis, the MSA Internal Coordinator, and Mr. Michael L. Smith, ASV Director.

As an integral part of the MSA re-accreditation process, ASV will offer a series of informative meetings throughout the 2018-2019 Academic Year in order that all stakeholders have an opportunity to examine and reflect upon the school’s foundation documents and objectives, as well as to inform the school community of the MSA accreditation process and rigorous accreditation requirements.  Please see future editions of ASV Voices for the MSA accreditation meetings.

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