MSA Accreditation Visit Success

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, the Middle States Association (MSA) Visiting Team finished their visit to ASV with the delivery of the Oral Report by the MSA Team Chair, Ms. Marsha Aaronson. The MSA Oral Report is a summary of the MSA Visiting Team’s conclusions after an exhaustive review process of the school’s Self-Study and supporting evidence during their visit to ASV on November 10-14, 2019. As a result of their thorough and exhaustive review, the MSA Visiting Team will recommend ASV for MSA accreditation for an additional seven years until May 2027. Many congratulations to the entire ASV community!

Ms. Aaronson highlighted a number of commendations in her Oral Report of the exemplary work of numerous school stakeholders including the Board of Governors, Parent Delegates, Parent Volunteers, Student Councils, MSA Planning Team and the ASV Staff. “From the moment we first stepped foot on the school grounds, we have found ASV to be an exemplary educational family, community, and facility,” stated Ms. Aaronson, an international education veteran with 48 years of experience. In additional comments to the ASV staff, Aaronson said, “We loved seeing you and your wonderful students in action, and we will leave ASV at the end of this report knowing that your students will benefit from your focused and purposeful work.” In her final remarks, Ms. Aaronson recited a poem that she had written and dedicated to ASV as an expression of her admiration of the school.

The MSA Visiting Team was comprised of five team members, from five different schools and from five different countries. Together, they reviewed the MSA Self-Study and supporting evidence, held 25 meetings with a variety of school stakeholders, and they are responsible for writing the Visiting Team Report which will be presented to MSA. The MSA Visiting Team Report will now pass through a multi-tiered review process at MSA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (US), and ASV will be informed officially of its accreditation in May 2020.

Mr. Francisco Estela, the Vice President of the ASV Board of Governors, also shared his thanks with the MSA Visiting Team and the school community for all of their support for the MSA accreditation visit, as well as for the community’s contributions to ASV throughout the entire academic year.

Finally, Mr. Michael L. Smith, ASV’s Director, spoke about the distinguished history of ASV and how MSA supported the initial establishment of ASV in 1980. Additionally, Smith stated, “Accreditation by MSA is not a prize we earn once every seven years when the Visiting Team arrives, but rather it is a validation of the hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence that is embedded in the DNA of our school: day after day, month after month, year after year and most importantly, student after student.”

Thank you to the entire ASV community, and we are grateful to all of those school stakeholders who have supported the school’s most recent MSA accreditation process.

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