Accreditation Visit. ASV Staff and Team Chair

MSA Accreditation Team Completes Visit for Athletics Program of Distinction

ASV was selected by the Middle States Association (MSA), the school’s accreditors since 1980, as the first international school to apply for, complete and host the MSA Athletics Program of Distinction.

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, ASV hosted a hybrid MSA Visiting Team composed of the MSA Team Chair who visited the school on site, and two other MSA Team Members joining virtually from Lebanon and the United States. The first steps took place in February 2021 and the application required a comprehensive Self-Study about ASV’s Athletic Programs. The MSA visit is a critical part of the accreditation process where Visiting Team Members review the facilities, meet with faculty and staff, observe Physical Education and ASV+ activities, and analyze the Self-Study’s supporting documentation.

Team Chair takings notes

The preliminary MSA Oral Report delivered by the MSA Team Chair was positive and extremely complimentary. The MSA Visiting Team Report will now proceed through a multi-tiered review process, and the final accreditation decision will be made by the MSA Commissioners by May 2022.

“This has been a work in progress for the past few years”, stated ASV Director, Michael L. Smith, “and it is an honor and privilege for ASV to be the first international school to participate in this MSA Program Of Distinction, as well as to serve as an athletic standard of excellence for other international schools.”

The school would like to thank all of the Physical Education and ASV+ staff for their dedication and commitment to providing an exemplary athletics program, as well as to Mr. Andy Ojelade, the Athletic Director, and Ms. Escarlata Casas, the ASV+ Coordinator.

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