Ms. Arjona’s Class Designed a Magazine

The group of international students learning Spanish with Ms. Ana Arjona have completed an engaging assignment for the first term of the academic year: the design of Revista de Español-SSL 2018-2019, a magazine in Spanish. The school community is invited to see the work next week in the atrium.

The Spanish magazine has short stories and interviews made by the students during the class time or, by using G Suite tools, with their own computer at home. Among other contents, students reported on a varied range of topics: their families, hobbies and interests, their home country…. They also interviewed, in Spanish, members of the ASV community to learn more about them.

Spanish for International Students is an specific itinerary for non-native speakers learning this language at ASV. Ms. Arjona’s class has children in Grades 1 through 6 but they are divided in small groups according their age and level. “The curriculum is adapted to their needs and our regular work includes reading, researching, writing and group discussing”, Ms. Ana described.

Projects such as the one featured this week are an opportunity to reinforce cooperation and respect. “The students have been really engaged, they progressed throughout the first term, and they are looking forward to start the second magazine”, she said. Designing it on Google Slides was a good way to gain confidence using the G Suite collaboration tools.

The Making-of

Picture on the left: Grade 6 students and Ms. Arjona working in class / Picture on the right: Tulsi V. (Grade 6) interviewing Mr. Smith.

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