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Preparation for VALMUN 2022

Students registered in our Model United Nations (MUN) Program are preparing for VALMUN, ASV’s MUN conference that will take place this year from December 2 to 4, 2022. Last week, the student delegates reviewed and selected their committee and country assignments. In the following weeks, they will get to know the topics and their country by reviewing the research report prepared by the conference team, and completing research to then write resolutions for the debate topics.

ASV’s Participation in THIMUN 2023

The MUN Coordinators are pleased to share that in January 2023, the American School of Valencia will have two Grade 12 students taking leading roles in The Hague Model United Nations Conference (THIMUN). Congratulations to these two students who have been officially appointed as THIMUN Student Officers:

  • Marc. V. – President of the Security Council
  • Ismael M. – Deputy President of the Environment Commission

Schools participating in THIMUN can register a limited number of student delegates. The positions of student officers are chosen after a competitive process that began six months before the conference and takes into consideration the candidate’s experience in MUN conferences as well as knowledge of international relations. THIMUN is the largest Model United Nations conference in the world open to international schools from all over the world.

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