Meet our New Teachers (3/3)

Joel Duarte. San Antonio (Texas, United States)

Mr. Duarte has a Masters in Education and has taught at high schools in Texas and Oregon. After studying Philosophy and Psychology at university, he worked for a decade as a sommelier.  “Then I lived abroad teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand, Japan, and Korea,” he relates to ASV Voices.

Mr. Duarte has enjoyed the transition into living in Valencia and working at ASV: “The faculty has made me feel quite at home and I am impressed by the community of the school – particularly the kindness and unique insights of the students I have had the privilege to work with.”

Melissa Duarte. Colorado Springs (Colorado, United States)

Ms. Duarte has a background in Philosophy and Psychology, in addition to English, and has been teaching in Japan, Oregon, and Texas before coming to ASV.  “I adore digging in to text analysis, discussing multiple perspectives, and getting to hear awesome ideas from my students,” she explains.

“I believe ASV students are the most intellectually engaged, friendly, and fun students I have worked with up to this point,” she adds before describing Valencia as “a beautiful city” and sharing that the arrival to ASV is being “a great adventure!”

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