Meeting at ASV theater

March Eco-Committee Meeting

The ASV Eco-Committee convened to review the progress in the waste management audit and to integrate Middle School students into various teams led by High School students. Each subgroup will assume accountability for one of the three focus areas: litter management, food waste reduction, and recycling efforts.

The initial series of measurements for the audit has been conducted. The Eco-Committee plans to gauge our progress by conducting at least one set of measurements monthly until the conclusion of the academic year.

This is the team composition:

  • Litter: Patryck M. (Grade 11), Marcos C. (Grade 11), Leo B. (Grade 8), Miquel F. (Grade 8), Manel A. (Grade 8), Sebastian V. (Grade 8), Alejandro O. (Grade 8).
  • Food Waste: Lucía A. (Grade 12), Reid M. (Grade 9), Natalia de M. (Grade 12)
    Rodrigo F. (Grade 8), Fran O. (Grade 8), Marc T. (Grade 8)
  • Recycling: Teegan M. (Grade 11), TJ B. (Grade 11), Arsam A. (Grade 8), Enma P. (Grade 6), Alberto D. (Grade 7)

The Eco-Committee will meet next March 20, 2024 to discuss the second round of measurements.

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