Making a Difference for the Oceans

A noteworthy CAS activity has been the awareness campaign about the magnitude of the ocean plastic crisis led by a Grade 12 student. She recently learned about 4 Oceans, a company creating bracelets and other products by recycling plastics collected in marine and coastline ecosystems.  “There are different varieties of bracelets”, the student describes, “depending on the bracelet you order, this company removes waste from that environment.”

In September, she created an artwork displaying “what is commonly found in the oceans.” Along with other students, they set up a booth at the ASV Day and students and families were able to register and order a 4 Oceans bracelet.

“The response was a lot better than I expected, we raised 520 euros, a lot of people placed multiple orders” the student says. “It was really nice, the item is a symbol which helps to remove waste from the oceans.”

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