MADMUN Debates


A Recap of How the ASV Delegation Performed at this MUN Conference

An ASV team performed extremely well at MADMUN 2022 at the American School of Madrid last weekend March 25-27, 2022. The students were delegates in the roles as ambassadors of multiple countries in multiple committees including Political, Environmental, and Security Council to name a few. After making opening speeches they were quickly organized into lobbying groups with allies to merge their resolution with the other international students in attendance.

On the second day, three debates took place on three different topics and solutions to real global issues were the main focus of all discussions. To conclude there was a crisis scenario presented and delegates in a hi-pressure timed lobbying session had to communicate, combine creative ideas, and create resolutions all while a fictitious nuclear reactor in Ukraine was approaching a meltdown state.

At the closing ceremony, we were pleased to see Lina D, and Enzo D win best speaker awards within their committees and Noa S and Jaime C win best delegate awards in their committees. It was such a rewarding experience and to be communicating and learning from other international students face to face was such a welcomed opportunity once again.

Some testimonies are what follows:

I actually learned a lot of things about me, I’ve learned that I was more confident than I thought.

Clara F.

In my committee, I felt it was a safe space because when I arrived at the podium I knew no one was going to treat me as my country’s opinion, due to the fact that respect was required.

Ismael S. (Grade 9)

In my opinion, some of the most important things MADMUN and all MUN experiences offer are the people you get the opportunity to meet and the opportunity to develop some skills that are certainly useful for daily life.

Noa S. (Grade 8)
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