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Life in The Netherlands for ASV Alumni

From October 3 to 7, 2022, the ASV Counselor, Ms. Veronica Cinosi, visited some universities in The Netherlands and met ASV graduates studying in the country: Noah Bolognesi, Lucía Clavijo and Elena Clemente (Class of 2021); Chloe and Maxime Schrinejmaekers (Class of 2020); and Jaime Brizuela (Class of 2016). In addition to getting to know about their life abroad, Ms. Cinosi collected interesting information for High School students interested in Dutch universities.

Alumni Experiences

Noah B. is studying Biology and Elena C. is studying International Relations, both at the University of Groningen. The biggest challenge in their first year abroad was the accommodation: “Families must know that accommodation in The Netherlands is expensive if it is incredibly close to campus. Our alumni recommend paying around 800-1200 euros for the first months for student hotels until they make friends, inherit studios or apartments rented by older students, or live with other students,” Ms. Cinosi describes. The ASV Counselor recommends beginning the accommodation search by April, “even though you don’t know where you will be accepted.”

Maxime S. studies at Maastricht University. This institution offers a pioneer program where students apply Problem-Based Learning Education. “I chose this study methodology because it fits better with my way of learning,” she explained. His sister Chloe is studying at Erasmus Rotterdam Business School although she is currently completing an internship in Amsterdam.

Lucia C. is studying Sociology at the University of Amsterdam. Life in the capital city is vibrant and enjoyable although it is recommended to embrace the bicycle culture: “Public transportation, especially the underground, is not cheap and it is better to buy or rent a bike,” Lucia said.

For ASV Graduate Jaime B., The Netherlands is the second international experience. He studied Microbiology at The Imperial College (London, United Kingdom) and now is doing a Ph.D. at a hospital in Amsterdam.

The ASV Counselor is in touch with more ASV Graduates in Delft, Tilburg, Utrecht, and Venlo. They are willing to help. “Don’t hesitate to ask for their contact information if you have any questions or would like them to help you find accommodation,” Ms. Cinosi says.

Collage. Photos in different Dutch cities
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