Learning Together: How ASV Builds Teamwork Skills

Walking around Elementary classes it is easy to perceive how ASV builds a student profile based on collaboration and teamworking. Collaboration is a feature longtime aligned with the school vision, Dr. Ann C. Kox (Preschool and Elementary Principal) remarks: “Students who work with partners develop a deeper understanding and that is why we make every effort to set up an innovative learning environment where students feel invited to cooperate.”

Homeroom teachers in Elementary School have multiple techniques and resources to develop teamwork skills.“We do work in groups in all subject areas”, 5 Blue teacher Ms. Kelsey Schunter describes, “but science allows it a lot because students do all of the experiments with partners.” “Math tends to be more individual but I try to do some things in groups”, 3 White teacher Ms. Amanda Crespo points out. She mentions the specific example of problem-solving skills, intensely worked at all grade levels: “It requires a lot of cooperation, listening skills, even the most basic skills like taking turns. It is not always easy but children in third grade have more self-control and are developed enough to see the benefits of working in a team.”

Teaching the 21st Century Skills

Collaboration is one of the five skills known as the 5 C of learning in the 21st century. Together with communication, creativity, and character, it is a key feature within the ASV curriculum and has been recently analyzed on a specific report based on the OECD PISA global education survey.


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