Teacher smiling at a student. Elementary School

Learning Advances at the American School of Valencia

The year is in full swing at the American School of Valencia. After the first month of classes, students and teachers are familiar with the school routines and feel ready to go over the key events of the first semester. This year the school has introduced some changes in the academic planning as well as activities services affected by the COVID pandemic are back. The school has also grown in the number of students, nationalities, and languages.

Excellent adaptation in Preschool and Elementary

Preschool is where the ASV immersion program begins. The learning experience focuses on the development of the whole child through meaningful and English-rich experiences combining literacy, mathematics, exploration, physical education, and personal, social, and emotional development. In this division, the adaptation has been very satisfactory and the teachers are already preparing the special activities planned for October.

At Elementary School, students have completed the first units of the Reading and Writing Workshop, the base of the school curriculum in this division. This model developed by Columbia University supports English language acquisition and achieves a deep engagement of students in the curricular content.

Both Preschool and Elementary School continue the plan of stable or bubble groups implemented in September 2020. This plan has made possible a maximum of 20 children per class up to Grade 3 and a large team of teaching assistants that support the homeroom teacher. Students in Grades 2 through 5 are enjoying again the use of the Elementary School Library.

Extracurricular Sports are Back

This year, ASV students have returned to practicing sports as an extracurricular activity. After an interruption in 2020-2021, the school is offering again ASV+, the school’s co-curricular program. This year, ASV+ includes three team sports and STEAM. All groups follow the COVID safety regulations and use differentiated spaces on the school campus.

Created in 2014, ASV + offers co-curricular activities within the school day so that it does not affect study and rest time at home.

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