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Learning Activities in Social Studies

A number of Middle School and High School classes had field trips and other special learning activities in their Social Studies courses. See more below:

Grade 10

Grade 10 classes had a field trip on Monday, May 20, 2024 to learn more about the history of Valencia during the Spanish Civil War. They visited the area around Carrer Serrans and Carrer Cavallers and the air raid shelter on the first of those streets. Guided by their History teacher, Ms. Margaix, the activity taught about several aspects of the Spanish Civil War and its impact on our city.

“Valencia had five types of shelters: public, for schools, for factories and workshops, for governmental offices, and privately built by particulars,” Ms. Empar Margaix describes. “The visit included a didactic workshop. Students could see some historic materials including letters from people who lived in Valencia during this time”, our teacher added.

Grade 9

On Tuesday, May 21, Grade 9 had a field trip to Valencia’s Museum of History in an activity with similar learning goals. Students could see the exhibition and enjoy a role-playing game in which they simulated the problems between the high bourgeoisie (and factory owners), the proletariat, and the trade union representatives.

Grade 8

Those international students following a specific pathway in the Social Studies course completed an illustrated biography of an explorer as part of the 15th-century unit of study related to the Age of Exploration and Humanism. “In class, they researched the explorer and created a small book biography with the routes and the technology implemented during the period,” Ms. Cristina Sevilla said.

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