Learning about Zambia. Mr. Gilbert Mwale at ASV this week

Mr. Gilbert Mwale spoke to all the Elementary classes and 10th grade and the students learned about Mwfue culture. He explained the current problem in his community with the lack of water and how donations are helping find a new source of water for the community and Kapita School, plus help with the materials needed for the school building to be completed this Spring.

Benefit dinner organized by Livingstone Foundation
On Thursday night at the Weston Hotel in Valencia with 200 guests including members of the ASV staff. Mr. Gilbert was the guest of honor and the dinner and art auction helped the Mwfue community even more to fund the search for more water and Kapita School Building needs.

ASV bags for Kapita students
Between the parents, students and staff we were able to buy enough bags for the near 300 students in Kapita School. Each student will receive an ASV bag with a personal hand written by the donor. Thank you for all your collaboration!

We will continue to support Kapita throughout the rest of the year with our bake sales and other fundraising events, but it was so personal to have Mr. Gilbert Mwale with us to talk about his experiences in Zambia.
We hope he has a safe trip back tomorrow.

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