Language Day 2019

American School of Valencia celebrated the Language Day on Thursday, February 21, 2019. Grades 9 to 12 and their teachers gathered for a special assembly which included dance, music and poetry in thirteen languages. A video featuring community members who speak these and other languages remarked the main idea of the event: “Our real nationality is humanity.”

The ASV Language Day is organized by the World Languages Department and the Grade 11 French class. Coinciding with UNESCO’s Mother Language Day, the goal is to celebrate the “huge diversity of our students’ cultural background” and “the advantages of learning foreign languages to set you up for success in nearly every aspect of your life.”

The activity goes further from a single event and starts a few days before involving other groups such as the international students following the specific Spanish curriculum for non-native speakers. As we could see on previous newsletters, this class and the SSL teacher, Ms. Arjona, created a colorful graffiti remarking diversity at ASV.

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