Kindness Challenge in Elementary School

kindness notice board and students

ASV Elementary students recently worked on the Kindness Challenge, a special project to understand the exponential power of kindness in our personal relations. The challenge included a visual performance (a chain made of strips containing testimonials) and related classroom activities with our teachers and the school counselors.

The campaign was launched on February 1, 2018, when a notice board in the main entrance exciten the curiosity by announcing the challenge without revealing the specific goal and the rules. On February 5 each class received slips of paper which should be used to write down positive experiences involving kind gestures from any community member. In the afternoon, filled strips were added to a long chain hanging through the atrium. The goal for February 9 was to completely surround this area; Elementary classes celebrated the achievemet by having extra park and a frozen treat.

The reflection behind this performance was supported with related readings, writing projects, and videos. A sincere thanks to the University of Kentucky student-teachers, Miss Lyon, Miss Garrison and Miss Joy, for organizing this thought-provoking project!

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