Kinder Celebration

Kinder classes celebrated on Friday, June 8, 2018, the conclusion of Preschool and beginning of their elementary education into Elementary School. Students were supported by their teachers, parents and other family members during a nice ceremony held in Park A at 14:00 h..

Our Principal, Dr. Ann C. Kox, offered an opening speech remarking the exciting challenges children will face in this new stage. She also read the poem K-I-N-D-E-R-G-A-R-T-E-N, with the help of students, which describes the beautiful experiences they have enjoyed during their time in Kindergarten.

Conducted by our music teacher, Ms. Esther Munteanu, both classes performed two songs before completing this part of the ceremony. Then they had free time to go around four stations with games and arts-and-crafts, as well, as be photographed with their teachers at the photo set. Snacks, drinks and ice creams were served to the Kinder students and their parents.

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