“Jueves del Arte” : Following the Trail of ASV Art Appreciation

This year, students in grades 11 and 12 who have participated in our famous “Jueves del Arte” have visited eight galleries and museums in Valencia. Led by Art History teacher, Paula Jover, they have even had the fantastic opportunity of speaking with artist Javier Calvo and curator Antonio Girbés about their work. Didactic workshops, conferences and openings are some of the other events our art-lovers have attended.

Here you can find a map that follows the part of ASV students from October 2014 through January 2015. In this period, the ASV group has visited the National Museum for Ceramics, the Bancaja Foundation, the University of Valencia exhibition hall, the Cerveró Palace, the Valeriola Palace, the IVAM, Segrelles Art Gallery and the Stonewall Art Hall at the Rector Peset University Residence. This week they delved into the world of photojournalism in their annual visit to the World Press Photo exhibition. Artwork inspired by the activities as well as a calendar of upcoming visits are usually displayed on a notice board in the school atrium.

Jueves del arte is open to any student in 11th and 12th grade regardless of if they have taken Art History. According to Ms. Jover, “I think it is a worthwhile activity. Students come during their free time and they develop strong critical thinking while they discover and appreciate art in their city.” In relation to their engagement, our teacher added that “they usually are congratulated for their behavior. It is a real pleasure to be with them and I would like to invite other students who have not yet come; many other visits are planned during these next four months that I am sure they will enjoy.”

Click on the map to get a larger version. Watch some photos of the diverse visits on our Facebook fanpage.

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